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10 Ways to Make Money with Twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world today with millions of people visiting the site and tweeting different topics with the use of the platform. As a blogger Twitter is an important tools for us to disseminate our information and it is also useful for us to leverage the site for to help us grow.

Aside from the uses that provided that Twitter to us, it can also provide us with extra income and we will discuss later the different ways on how to make money with Twitter.

Make Money with Twitter

1. Personal Bio:

This is an indirect way of earning with the use of our profile. The biography we provided with Twitter can be used as an avenue to advertise yourself. Through the profile you can have your own sales pitch by putting your sales message in your profile page.

2. Monetizing Your Twitter Profile Background:

As a Twitter user you can also earn money with the use of the background of your Twitter profile, one of this ad company that offered this kind of service is TwittAd. Twittad.com provide Twitter users to monetize their twitter background page, but it depends upon the advertiser who are interested in you. You have the right to select the duration and price you want to keep the advertiser, once all were finalized TwittAdd will user the Twitter API to upload the ad to your Twitter profile.

3. Direct Advertising:

There are companies who want to advertise their product through Twitter, these companies require a high click-through rate of your tweets. Once you have a large number of followers and a higher click-through ratio then you can have a chance to apply for direct advertising.

4. Building a Brand:

As a blogger we can use Twitter to build a brand for our company, through tweeting your niche posts, you can crate a brand image for yourself or your company. Through tweeting important and useful information with regards to your blogging topics will give us a chance to become an authority of a particular subject which will build our brand online.

5. Redirecting Services:

A method which is similar to CPV (Cost-Per-View) way of making money. When a person clicks on your tweet, an advertisement page opens up for a few seconds before it is redirected to the landing page. The payout of this type of advertising is generally in CPM (per thousand impressions). There’s a drawback with this strategy, this may not be appreciated by your followers but it’s worth a try.

6. Twitter Trends:

This is the daily routine in Twitter and we can use this to earn an online income, just keep up with the trends that are occurring on Twitter to optimize it on your site. These trends are topics that people are looking for most on the internet. You can make use of this trend to post new topics or provide new insight.

7. Tweeting Affiliate Links:

With the use of Twitter you can use it to sell your affiliate products. If you are a reputable Twitter user with many followers then there is a high chance that your followers purchase affiliate links that you recommend. So by tweeting link to the affiliate product page you can get high commission on each sale depending on the product. Tweeting affiliate links will produce greater results only if the products you user were really reliable.

8. Finding Sponsors:

Sponsors were always on the move in finding their perfect partner in the internet and if chosen your Twitter account could be a great place where you can find your future sponsors. Many webmasters have found their sponsors through Twitter just search for them but first of all provide valuable content.

9. Be a Professional Twitterer:

This kind of service is somewhat the same with professional blogging. Professional Twitterers are people who do not tweet for themselves but are hired by corporations and companies to build an online presence through Twitter.

10. Make Invaluable Connections:

If you are connected with some of the most reliable people in the Twitter world, this could raise your Twitter profile and the value of your tweets is helpful for your followers. Making a priceless contacts with some of the most famous guy in your niche will leads you to greater learning in the long run and you could build a relationship with them that can be used in the near future.

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