World’s Richest & Most Generous Charity Donors

by RobSake on May 23, 2013

Some of the world’s poorest countries are beneficiaries of individuals who have riches to share. The population of some poverty-stricken countries received enormous amount of donations from from philanthropists who wanted to share their blessings.

We have listed below the world’s most generous contributors who continues to support charities by giving a large amounts of cash. Some of them have do not hide their kind deeds but instead they continue to inspire other wealthy individuals to join their cause of helping the humanity particularly the poverty-stricken individual.

Here are the people who deserve a round of applause because of their continuous humanitarian contribution to society:

Bill Gates = $28 Billion

Bill Melinda Gates Foundation

The former world’s richest man, Bill Gates is one of the most prominent among the list of generous individuals. Bill Gates through his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have already donated than $28 Billion.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are well-funded and it has been recognized as among the best philanthropic institution, not just in the United States but around the world.

Bill Gates was able to encourage other wealthy individuals to join his cause for the past few years. The founder of Microsoft is not only well-known for his brainchild software company but he is known as one of the most generous wealthy individual.

Warren Buffett = $17.3 Billion

Warren Buffett Richest

Self-made billionaire Warren Buffett donated more than $17 billion in various charities. He continues to strive not just for the benefits of his own but also for the welfare of others.

Buffett still held position as CEO in multi-million dollar company, the Berkshire Hathaway, he also ventured into a renowned ketchup brand, the H.J. Heinz Co. Aside from his various donations, one of the most interesting donations he made was his donation to the Gates Foundation, his recent donation amounted $1.5 billion he has given last July 2012.

George Soros = $8 Billion

George Soros

For the past few decades, George Soros has given a large chunks of his money to various causes. He supports diversified groups of charities, the less fortunate were able to benefit from the money he shared. Some of the foundations he supported included scientific researches in Russia, clinic improvements in California to name a few.

Gordon Moore = $6.8 Billion


The founder of Intel, Gordon Moore supports charities from the very start of his career as his bank account grow, his contributions also grow. One of the most interesting thing about his philanthropic deeds is that he did not stop his works even though he stepped down as Intel’s CEO.

He was able to donated $6 billion to the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundaton, a foundation which supports causes which relates to conservation of the environment, proper nursing education, and other fields of science.

Mark Zuckerberg = $489 Million

Mark Zuckerberg

The youngest among philanthropist and most generous individual, Mark Zuckerberg knows where to put his wealth even at a very young age. The creator of Facebook lets other people share his wealth aside from investing on his brainchild company.

Last 2012, Mark and his wife Priscilla donated almost half a million to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. His donations could go further, he may be in the lower ranks right now but for sure in the following year he could make a major turnaround in our list of most generous individual.

John and Laura Arnold = $423.4 Million

John Laura Arnold

The owner of the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, John and Laura Arnold donated a huge amount of money to the institution established in 2008. The foundation supports the improvements for the K-12 public education, pension system and the criminal justice system.

John Arnold is the founder of Centaurus Energy while Laura Arnold is a practicing Corporate Lawyers.

Paul Allen = $309 Million

Paul Allen

Paul Allen, Bill Gates co-founder at Microsoft has his personal preferences when it comes to charities that he want to support. He poured a fraction of his wealth to the Allen Institute of Brain Science based in Seattle.

The sports enthusiast Microsoft co-founder has investments in sports related business ventures aside from his interest in real estate and technology companies. Allen’s investments includes the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks and the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers.


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