Richest Cities in the World 2013 Lists

by RobSake on April 29, 2013

Some of the world’s most popular cities were also considered as the world’s richest cities. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) or the market value of all goods and services is the standard by which wealth is measured.

Based upon the 2013, we have listed below the Top 10 Richest Cities in the World for the year 2013.

Here’s the Top 10 Richest Cities in the world:

1. Tokyo, Japan: GDP = $1,520 Billion
Area: 2,187.6 square kilometers, Population 13, 185,502.

Tokyo Japan

Tokyo is the capital of Japan, considered as the center of trade and commerce not only in Japan but also in the entire Asia.

Although the city suffered a devastating earthquake in 1923 and suffered heavily from US bombing in World War II, the city was rebuilt itself. The city hosts the 1964 Summer Olympics. Some of the most popular attractions in Tokyo were, Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Imperial Palace and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

2. New York, USA: GDP = $1,210 Billion
Area: 1,213 square kilometers, Population 8,244,910

New York City

The City of the New York is dubbed as the “City That Never Sleeps.”

New York has five boroughs or state counties, the Bronx, Brookly, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. New York’s attractions were the Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Empire State Building. Industries includes publishing, finance and real estate.

3. Los Angeles, USA: GDP = $789.7 Billion
Area: 1,302 square kilometers, Population: 3,793,621

Los Angeles California

The entertainment center of the world is located in Los Angeles, it is the glamorous homes of Hollywood stars. During the 18th century, the small village was named as El Pueblo de Nuesra SeƱora la Reina de los Angeles, shortened to Los Angeles eventually.

The city is well known for its attractions like Universal Studios, Hollywood sign, the Hollywood walk of Fame and Santa Monica Pier. It’s main industries are banking and finance. The city was also known as the technological capital because the world-renowned technological companies have their main office at the Silicon Valley.

4. Seoul, South Korea: GDP = $799.3 Billion
Area: 605.21 square kilometers, Population: 10 million estimated

Seoul is located in the northeastern part of South Korea. The city rose to become the capital of the Joseon Dyan in 1394 and has stayed the capital of the country ever since. It was credited as the first city in East Asia to have power, water, and phone system at the same time.

The main attractions of the city are the Korean War Memorial, Namsan Park, Changdeokgung Palace and the N Seoul Tower. It’s main industries includes electronics, textile and iron & steel production.

5. London, England: GDP = $731.2 Billion
Area: 1,570 square kilometers, Population 8,173,194

6. Paris, France: GDP = $669.2 Billion
Area: 105.4 square kilometers, Population: 10,413,386

7. Osaka, Japan: GDP = $654.8 Billion
Area: 552.26 squared kilometers, Population: 1,545,410

8. Chicago, USA: GDP = $524.6 Billion
Area: $606.1 square kilometers, Population: 2,707,120

9. Moscow, Russia: GDP = $520.1 Billion
Area: 2,510 square kilometers, Population: 11,503,501

10. Shanghai, China: GDP = $516.5 Billion
Area: 6,240.5 square kilometers, Population: 23,019,148

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