You and Because: Two of the Most Important Words in Blogging

by RobSake on July 21, 2012

As a blogger you have to use some of the most important words that is commonly used in blogging because it will increase not only our credibility as a writer but most of all it will improve our authority.

The two most important words are often misused but if we try to use it effectively it will surely bring more traffic to our blog. We will going to discuss the importance of this two words and we will find out it’s significance.

In the first sentence of this paragraph we have already revealed the two most important words especially in the title of this article, applying the two words will surely get you in the right track because blogging nowadays is not just an easy task.

Most Important Words in Blogging

You and Because are the two important words in blogging, you will know it in the explanations and examples below.

In writing for your blog who have to describe and state clearly for whom your message is intended for, so you must use the world You.

Using the word You means that you have to focused on the reader in order to be effective. It must be purposedly aimed at the needs and wants of others. Keep in mind that you only benefit when your readers benefit first.

Writing engaging content needs the word, “you” for its is the most powerful word in the English language because people are ultimately interested in fulfilling their own need. It is a proven fact that your readers won’t start to actually care about you at all until you’ve repeatedly offered them exceptional value with your blog.

One of the secrets for your readers to get involve with your blog is to maximize the use of “you”, while minimizing the “I” and “Me.”

Let’s Discuss about the other Word “Because”:

Giving out more specific reasons will increase your authority and credibility with what you write on your blog. The more specific you are, the more credible your points, arguments or sales pitch. One of the best technique in making a specific argument is simply giving a reason why and the most effective transition word to give out a reason why is the word because.

Here is an example of the effectiveness of the word because after a study conducted by Ellen Langer which involved the borrowing of a xerox machine. During her first attempt she stated that “Excuse me, I have five pages. May I use the Xerox machine?” She got a response of “60% said OK.”

On her second attempt she stated that “Excuse me, I have five pages. May I use the Xerox machine because I’m in a rush?” then she got a response of “94% who said OK.” and finally during her last attempt she said that “Excuse me, I have five pages. May I use the Xerox machine because I have to make some copies? which resulted with 93% who said OK.

The conclusion of her study stated that when you give out specific reasons by answering the questions why will certainly increase the possibility of convincing your target. On the third experiment it also reveals that no matter what your reasons are it could still convince your target to agree with you.

The two most important words in blogging were just a simple You and Because but the two English words are not just an ordinary words if it is used effectively it will surely bring more traffic to your blog.

How about you? how often you use the two words but give no important to them? Just add your comments below to let us know.


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