Why We Need to Write a Link Post

by RobSake on July 16, 2012

During the early days of blogging, linking a post with another bloggers is the best way to get traffic and to generate attentions. Bloggers would write a post and hundreds of others would link to it with posts that built upon the initial post’s ideas in some way.

In blog linking, ideas spread across the blogosphere quickly, the relationship between bloggers grew although there are reasons why other blogs don’t link but with proper technique we can convince them.

Due to the rapid increase of information in the blogging world, the post linking is not as effective and accurate as before but today there are lots of mediums such as social networks and social bookmarking sites.

Write a Link Post to Other Blogs

Blog linking still exists nowadays but there are bloggers who were afraid or rarely link to other blog because they’re thinking that they’d helping a competitor but that is not case presented here, we have to give first before we can gain.

Meanwhile here are some reasons why we need to link out our blog.

  1. Giving value to readers. This is one of the most important aspects in blogging, readers come to your blog to read what you have to say. Some of them always appreciate of links to quality content.
  2. Build your credibility. To build our credibility there are instances that we need to highlight other people’s achievement on our niche to tell our readers that we are abreast with the latest developments on our fields and to prove that we are connected to the network.
  3. Build your relationship with other bloggers. Building our own relationship with other bloggers will make an impression and build connections to them although most of the times we send traffic to their own site. You must link in a constructive way that will eventually builds upon their ideas and builds upon their ideas and add value to a conversation.
  4. Search Engine Optimization. There are two arguments with this area of interest, some SEO’s argue that linking out to related content in your niche with relevant keywords as anchor text will affect how search engines see your site. It is not important whether the link you have put to your blog will generate more traffic but the most important thing is that your site will make an authority with that particular niche you have chosen. The most important thing is to link something of value that your readers will find relevant and helpful to them.

There are different ways to keep abreast with the latest happenings on your niche that you can immediately apply to your blog. You can subscribe to other blogs in your niche, watch social bookmarking sites that cover topics in your industry and you can subscribe to news alerts with tools such as Google Alerts and many other tools.

Writing a link post to other blogs may not be an easy task but if you just try work your way into mastering the system on how to write a link post, it will definitely help you in making your post available for someone.

How about you, what are your ways on how to write a link post? Let’s discuss your ideas in the space provided below.

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