Reasons Why You Need to Join Forums and Start Participating

by RobSake on July 22, 2012

One of the ways to increase the traffic of your blog is to join a community of individuals particularly finding forums with topics related to your niche and joining them so that you can find potential readers for your blog.

Forum is one of the best places in the internet to find potential readers to your blog, it is a fantastic place for bloggers to participate in.

Reasons to Join Forums

Here are some of the reasons why we need to participate in forums .

  1. To Build Profile and Credibility – Putting some time into a well-known forum in your niche topic to participate. In Forums bloggers can provide value and show their expertise and eventually you can develop fans from among other forum users.
  2. To Drive More Traffic – When you have already build your credibility in the forum you are participating with, you can create value and become a useful resource so people will want to know more about you through your signature profile page. With the authority you can share some relevant links to the things you’ve written.
  3. Providing Information and Acquiring Inspiration on Your Niche – The forum that you are participating can be used as a potential ground for gathering ideas and understanding the needs of a potential readers. In forums you will discover some questions being asked over and over again. The questions usually signal a problem or need that could be solved through your inputs. There are times when we’re in need of topic to write about and forum is one of the best place to find inspiration.

Now that we have already known the importance of forum it’s about time to spend some time searching for forums in your niche. The most important part of this endeavor is to spend some time being as useful as possible to the forum.

Always remember that in forum participation, your main activity is to answer questions, making connections, and generally being useful  to the community. Don’t bother in leaving links to the forum going back to your site, just answer questions and share relevant information in your niche.

Is there something you can add up regarding forum participation, let’s discuss your ideas in the comments provided below.

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