Quick Ways to Improve Blog Articles

by RobSake on July 12, 2012

Bloggers are considered as one of the busiest people on Earth for this reason we sometimes forget to improve our blog post. We try to get all the necessary information around the web and forget our real purpose as bloggers.

Let us now try to discover some of the things that we take for granted in our blog. Do your blog posts lack something? Perhaps you’re trying hard, but you never seem to get more than a couple of comments only to discover that the problem is with us, you don’t have hours to spend on perfecting every post, you’ve got a busy life.

Improve Blog Articles

Here are some of the simple tasks to improve your blog articles:

1. Add an Interesting Image:

Adding image will make longer blog posts interesting, it will immediately captures the attention of your blog readers. You can use the image to break up a long post, typically between paragraphs. You can also help the reader understand key points, especially when using screen shots or photos alongside text.

2. Carefully Edit Your Article Introduction:

One of the most crucial part of your blog post is the introduction, after you have already decided with your title. The first couple of paragraphs or sentences needs to have a hook and convince the reader to read on further. Spend your most valuable minutes for editing the introduction. The first line should grab the reader’s attention.

3. Add Formatting:

This is often misunderstood by some bloggers the formatting part of your blog will add value to your post. However great your writing is, readers aren’t likely to have the patience to read long, unbroken paragraphs online. They want short paragraphs, bullet-pointed lists, bold text and subheadings, which break up your post and make it easier to understand.

Spend just a couple of minutes adding formatting, putting some subheadings or finding key sentences to highlights with bold text, it will make your post more engaging and easy to read.

4. Check Your Call To-Action:

Having the most engaging articles you must benefit from it, so must convert your readers into regular subscribers or visitors therefore an engaging call to action is needed. A call to action is when you give the reader a specific prompt to do something. The best place for this is at the end of your post. Here are some example:

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The above-mentioned ways are some of the quickest options you can implement on your blog immediately, try to put it into practice, if you cannot do it all in just one article, try to put into practice at least one of these quick ways to improve your blog post and gradually following the other tips on your next article.
How about you? Is there any more ideas that can be added with the suggestions above, don’t hesitate to leave your suggestions and will discuss it on the comments below.

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