Making Money with Blogs the Faster Way

by RobSake on July 30, 2012

Making money online is one of the most saturated topic in the internet, with thousands of blogs focusing in the make money online niche but only few blogs have became successful and really make money online. Blogging is one of the ways to make money online but it is considered as the slowest form of money making strategy, but there are ways to make money with blogs faster.

Blogging is focused on long term money making online strategy and those successful bloggers who earned a lot of money with their blogs don’t just make their blog overnight and earned an income but they have put their best effort and resources to make their blog worthy of getting money.

Making Money with Blogs Faster

Although blogging is one of the toughest way to make money online but in the long run it is the most reliable source of income. There are ways to make money with our blog faster and we will discuss it it thoroughly afterwards.

Here are some ways on how to make money with your blog faster:

1. Build and Shop your Resume Online:

Resume is one of the most searched topic in the internet especially for those who were looking for a possible job. You can use your blog as a resume for freelancing and consulting. In the freelance writing market resume were of utmost important. Online writers and guest bloggers are building up their own portfolio of content which their potential future customers and you can build your blog as a platform for them to converge.

A very good example for a blog which was used as platform for bloggers and writers is the site which allows users to create a free profile, then build up their writing experience and history to acquire to jobs and clients to write for. The goal behind using a blog as your online resume is that you can build and locate all of your information and references in one place.

2. Create a Product Review Site, Coupon or Free Stuff Site:

People always loves free stuff and coupon site, that’s the main reason why sites like Living Social and Groupon have been successful. Creating a blog which focuses on providing customer with the latest freebies, coupons and product reviews will definitely make a blog earns faster compared to other niche blogs.

All you have to do is make those two sites as your model and think about every product or promotion you are writing about on the blog as a potential to make money. This is where the monetization and quick return on investment comes in.

3. Make High-Quality Relevant Content:

Building amazing contents could bring in new customers and clients for your business. Many online services are now looking at the benefits of blogging to bring in potential customers and leads by targeting niche topics. You can write topics on your blog about SEO tips, guest blogging and everything else related to what potential clients might be looking for.

Making money online is one of the hardest thing to do online but you have to keep yourself updated to learned the latest secrets online. Before starting your blog make sure that you have planned enough for your monetization strategy that works both for you and your targeted audience.

If you have anything to add on with the topic, feel free to add your suggestions in the comments space provided below.


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