Inspirational Famous Companies That Started in Garages

by RobSake on July 5, 2012

Some of the world’s most popular and famous companies have their own interesting stories to tell. Even the multi-billion dollar companies which now produced different products from around the world have their own humble beginnings.

As an inspiration we have listed some of the famous and well-known companies who started out in different interesting places and most of them on their own garages. Whatever success they have right now on their current standings as the major players in the industry they were leading, the inspiration is still there for others to follow.

Here are some of the most interesting and inspirational stories of well-known brands started out as an ordinary start-up:

1. Apple: The most valuable technology company in the world today started out with a humble beginning. The company which was founded by Steve Wozniack, Steve Jobs and  Ronald Wayne on April 1, 1976. They made the first-ever Apple I which was sold for $500.00 complete with a motherboard with CPU, RAM and basic textual-video chips.

Ronald Wayne left the company later after he sells his shares worth $800.00. Apple made a name for themselves in the computer industry especially during the time when they first Apple commercial was launched on “1984” featuring the most successful product of Apple during that time, the Macintosh personal computer.

The first Apple company was started in a garage located at 2066 Crist Drive, Los Altos, Cupertino, California.

Apple Garage Headquarters

2. Google: The world’s most popular search engine’s and one of the world’s most popular companies started humbly in a garage located at 232 Santa Margarita Ave, Menlo Park, California. The first office of Google was a 1,900 square foot Menlo Park home mortgaged by Susan Wojcicki way back the year 1998 when Sergey Brin, Larry Page rented the garage space to help out their friend Susan.

For five months the Stanford students mastered their newest and most efficient search algorithms working alternately and soaking in the hot tub, raiding the refrigerator for midnight snacks — a habit that may have inspired Google’s free-food policy for all its employees.

Google Headquarters

3. Amazon: Jeff Bezos, founder of the world’s largest retailer of books founded his company in 1994 and was completely run out of his garage in 10704 NE 28th, Bellevue, Washington.

Jeff Bezos sold his very first book in July 1995 and issued his IPO on 1997. He grew his company from a garage book seller to the world’s largest online retailer.

Jeff Bezos at Amazon

4. Hewlett Packard: One of the major major and retailer of computer products was established by two electrical engineering graduates from Stanford, Bill Hewlett and David (Dave) Packard. They started out in a garage in Palo Alto, California in 1939. The company was considered as the symbolic founder of the world’s famous Silicon Valley.

Hewlett-Packard was incorporated on August 18, 1947, and went public on November 6, 1957. They experienced financial success early on with customers like the Walt Disney Company, but were originally a bit unfocused with product offerings that crossed over into the agriculture sector. Fortunately, they eventually decided to focus on high-quality electronics.

Right now the company is known not only for its high-quality electronics and unique company culture (The HP Way) but also for its corporate social responsibility in recycling billions of pounds of electronics, toner and ink cartridges.

HP Garage

5. Mattel: The world’s most popular doll “Barbie” was made by this company who was founded by Ruth and Elliot Handler on their Southern California Garage. The mega-toy company Mattel was not involved in toys at first for their primary products were picture frames.

The idea of selling toys was just part of dollhouse furniture projects which was made out of wood scraps from the frames but the success of the company came from toys so they decided to concentrate their business on toys. Their famous products was established in 1959, the Barbie product line followed by Fisher Price, Hot Whell and many more. The company also diversified into making an extensive lines of board games.

Mattel Headquarters

6. Walt Disney: The first headquarters of the world’s most popular media company Walt Disney was loacated just 45 minutes from Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California. The garage was located at 4651 Kingswell Ave, Los Angeles, California in a house belong to Walt Disney’s uncle, Robert Disney wherein the set-up their “First Disney Studio.”

Walt Disney Company

7. Harley Davidson: The world’s most popular motorcycle brand which was being used by the elite in the societies have started out from scratch during the year 1901, the 21-year-old William S. Harley drew up plans to create a small engine to power a bicycle. He convinced his childhood friend Arthur Davidson to join him on his journey to built the motor-bicycle out of their friend’s 10 by 15-foot wooden shed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The place was an equivalent of a garage, for their are no cars during those time. They officially named their company in 1903 as Harley-Davidson, today’s most well-known motorcycle brand in the world.

 Harley Davidson Motors First Headquarters

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