How to Write Viral Blog Post

by RobSake on July 6, 2012

Writing a blog post that goes viral is not just easy task especially for bloggers who have just started out on their journey of making their presence in the world wide web. Each bloggers have a simple dream of writing a blog post that will be read by thousands of people for we know that getting traffic is a hard task.

Bloggers spend and research about the different trending topics to find the the perfect headline and create a pillar content or something that is interesting for the readers to get them involved with your blog. We should check also the relationships of our post to determine it reaches the intended readers.


Writing Viral Articles

Here are the different ways on how to write a viral blog post:

1. Write your headline in a unique, useful, specific and urgent way:

Your headline should grab the attention of your visitors first, that’s why you should implement a unique way to finalize your headline. For example try to research first on Google about the title of your headline, if there are copycats try to change your headline. Useful headlines communicates with the reader, make sure your headline answers the real needs of your audience.

Try to to write a headline that describes your article clearly and distinctly, it should be specific. You can use numbers, questions and intriguing words to capture your audience. The headlines can also be time specific meaning you can make your posts urgent and give your readers a deadline.

2. Provide Powerful Topic and Killer Artile:

Once you have already made the first step of making your headline catchy and powerful the next thing to do is to provide your readers a powerful topics or a killer article. One of the proven techniques that were used by professional bloggers is to follow up their one topic with another four topics relevant to the chosen subject.

One of the technique employed by Darren Rowse of Problogger is to write 5 unique blog posts in one particular topic which is considered as one of the most effective way that drives traffic to his website. The killer or the pillar articles are further discuss on the post how to make a pillar articles.

There are different approaches to make your killer topic to catch the attention of your blog readers. You can choose a controversial topic, something that is debatable or questionable. Another approach is make a topic out of trending topics or what is hot on Google trends. You can spin an article and add your insights into it.

Lists articles are the most commonly used and effective ways to write a content for it is easier to consume and great to share. You can also make a killer article with an inspirational stories to get the attentions of your readers.

3. Submit a Guest Posts:

After creating powerful headlines, and making your killer articles try to make some submission on different sites through blog posts of some of the topics you created. Submitting guest posts to different blogs. One of the most effective ways of creating a powerful posts to become viral is to follow it up with another posts in your blog which is closely related to the topic of your guest post.

4. E-mail or Contact Bloggers:

Once you have already submitted your blog for guest posting make sure to contact the blogger where you have made a guest posts. Before you email the bloggers you’ve submitted guest posts to, check to see how well your post did relative to those around it. If it got a comparable number of shares, comments, and links, then you’re good to go.

The above-mentioned technique were just some of the few suggestions but an effective way on how to write a viral blog posts in your blog. How about what are your ways of writing a viral post. Just add your comments below.


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