How to Write an Effective Blog Post Introduction

by RobSake on July 28, 2012

Introduction is seldom discussed by most blogging gurus for they focus more on the topics or the headlines. We know much more about the headlines but even an a newbie blogger can craft a well targeted headlines by simply reading what other bloggers have written.

As blogger we should consider that introduction is also one of the most important part in your post or article. The introduction is the first part of your message after the headline. With a powerful introduction it will determines if readers are going to skim or spend time reading with the rest of your content.

Blog Post Introduction

We will going to discuss the different ways to write a blog post intro that magnet your readers:

1. Asking an Emotional Question:

This is one of the most commonly used techniques by psychologist, by asking an emotional question, your reader will probably stick around and read the rest of your topic. Some people especially psychologist can study the human minds and instill the right thoughts that’s the main reason why they were known to produce great contents. As bloggers we can use the technique by psychologist in asking an emotional question.

Asking the right question at the right time will benefit you as you try to convince the readers of your blog that beside from asking a relevant question, you have the ability to answer those questions. The emotions of people will always play a vital part in your introduction.

2. Select the Strongest Benefit for Readers:

In today’s period of enormous information available int he internet, keyword stuffing have been gone already and your target audience needs quality contents that can solve their problems or can answer their questions.

You have to provide genuine information at the introduction. You have to address the pain first before giving the benefit, meaning you have to insure your readers that you will be giving the most relevant answers to their questions.

3. Telling a short but captivating story:

One of the best secrets of some of the world’s most successful blogger is telling a short but captivating story. The life experience of those blogging gurus who were successful enough on their blogging career were enough to capture readers attention.

Bloggers who have a huge followers were often getting the stories of their readers through the comments added to their post and make a relevant follow up post and make another compelling and interesting story. There are different ways in which you can discover that there are plenty of stories worth sharing to your audience.

Now that you have already learned some of the techniques on how to make a blog introduction, the next step is to fully attract your readers into the real thing which is conversion. The introduction will pave the way for much better things such as subscription, comments and sales.

Did you use one of the above mentioned strategy or you have your own ideas which you can add in the comment space provided below.


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