How to Look Like a Blogging Pro Although You’re a Newbie Blogger

by RobSake on July 29, 2012

Professional bloggers have the edge in terms of connections, resources and abilities compared to those who were just starting their blogs or people who were most commonly called as newbie bloggers. All bloggers started out as a newbie but those who have started earlier have greater edge compared to the new ones.

In this post we will going to discuss the different ways to distinguished our blog as a professional one and not part of the newbie blogs. We will be discussing the different secrets employed by professional bloggers with their newly-launched website or blogs.

Newbie Blog

Here are the secrets of a newbie bloggers transforming a newbie blogs into a professional looking website:

1.  Buy a Professional Looking Domain Name

For those who haven’t built your blog yet, I recommend grabbing a domain name and hosting package from a web hosting provider such as Hostgator. If you have already your professional domain name and hosting package all you have to do is to download and install WordPress, one of the easiest and most reliable Content Management System for your blog so that you’ll have the benefit of having a professional looking domain name.

Self-hosted website will allow you to have the full control and authority of your blog unlike the hosted sites or blogger hosted sites, you are at the mercy of those company and you cannot fully make a brand name with those entity.

2. Update the Favicon For Your Website

The little 16×16 icon that appears next to your web address at the top of most browsers is often regretted but this tiny little icon will bring professional looking site for the benefit of the webmaster. The icon also shows up next to the tabs or in the bookmarks section too.

A new blog usually has what looks like a blank sheet of paper, or sometimes it’s your hosting provider’s logo. All you have to do is to spend a few minutes to design your favicon, it can be a small detail that makes a big impact.

To update your favicon, you’ll need to place a 16×16 pixel icon (named favicon.ico) into your website’s root folder. For WordPress users, that’s directly into your public_html folder. You can create a picture file in Photoshop and simply rename it to favicon.ico, or you can create one easily for yourself on a website such as

3. Update Your Permalink Structure

The permalink is the URL that your blog creates when you publish new blog posts. The structure of the permalink is important for your blog not only because of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but most of all it will show your pages in a clean and professional way.

Here’s how you can update your permalinks. Under Settings > Permalinks, click on Custom Structure, and insert the code below into the Custom Structure field: /%postname%/

4. Add an RSS Counter at the Right Time:

This is one of the most commonly used mistakes by bloggers, adding an RSS counter with only a handful of subscribers makes your blog looks new or it is a proof that you are a blogging newbie. Adding RSS Counter at the right time meaning you have to wait until you can have more than 100 subscribers or more subscribers.

All you have to do is to provide first a quality and relevant content to attract blog subscribers or RSS readers. There are instances that you need to add an RSS subscribers even though you got only more than 10 subscribers, it’s for you to decide.

5. Always Check Your Blog Posts Format:

Newbie bloggers write excellent material maybe because they’re super excited about starting a new blog but most bloggers end up without giving particular attention with the blog formatting. Newbie bloggers always make a long, undivided post that resembles an essay. The posts lacks headings, subheadings, bold keywords, italics, lists, white spaces, pictures, charts, diagrams and even links.

Perfect practice with proper formatting will make your blog really looks like a professional one, although you are just starting as a blogger.

If you’re a new blogger and wanted to share something which is not being discussed here, just add your ideas in the comment section provided below.

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