How To Get More Traffic Through Online Advertising

by RobSake on July 26, 2012

Traffic is one of the primary concerns of every blogger to succeed in an online business and to get traffic we should have the knowledge regarding online advertising. Most bloggers think about selling when it we discuss about online advertising, we often think first of selling advertising rather than buying it.

Buying an ad space is part of our financial investment in blogging and buying ad space can be a great traffic-generation technique if you’re careful in terms of how you go about it.

There are two types of advertising, brand advertising and action-oriented advertising but we have to focus on action-oriented advertising to gain traction on our traffic. The traffic-focused ad campaign will depend on some elements such as the audience, the ad space, and what you do with the traffic the ad generates.

Online Advertising

The Target Audience:

In content marketing we should see how important it is to work out who you’re targeting with any traffic-generation strategy it is because not all traffic is not the right kind of traffic.

You have to think about who you want to target with your advertising. It is of utmost important that you’ve identified those people who are interested in your niche.

Buy an Ad Space:

After you have already known your targeted audience, the next thing you should consider is to buy an ad space. Be careful in choosing where to buy those ad space either through search engines, social media, or information websites.

An advertising through search engines will ensure that the people seeing your ads have expressed a need in your offer for it will appear alongside search results for a targeted keywords. In social media advertising, your ads will target to the right users but it depends on how closely you select your ad filters.

Meanwhile buying an ad space on information or entertainment website will actively target the users of that site specifically. Different sites sell ad space differently as well, you can also go through network like AdBrite, Kontera or DoubleClick for your advertising needs.

The most important things to consider in buying space, is to do your research, compare services and costs, and make sure your ads will be seen by as many of the right people as possible.

Your Ad:

Having a targeted audience and after you have already bought ad space. The next step is to chose your ad format; the format you choose will likely be driven by your budget. When you have an advertising agency they will provide you with the much needed information on your ad format.

Make sure your ad will respond to the needs of your audience especially on your chosen niche. Your ad design or the image posted needs to capture the attention of your targets.

Responding to Ad Traffic:

This the last but one of the most crucial part in your online advertising, track the return you get on your investment not just in terms of clickthroughs to your site, but in terms of responses to the offer you’ve included in your ad. Even if you’re not getting a direct return on the investment it’s still worth tracking the return you make for your effort.

Meanwhile when you’re using an ad network, they will provide you with reports on how your ads are performing—impressions, clicks, and so on. Getting traffic through online advertising is one of the best way to promote your blog. Just test and track the results of your advertising campaign for you to get the return of investment.

How about you, have your tried online advertising? How does it give impact on your site? Just add your comments on the space provided below.


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