How to Get Free Backlinks from Higher Page Rank Sites

by RobSake on July 23, 2012

Getting links from websites who had a better Page Rank compared to your site is one of the factors that will drive more visitors into your site. Building backlinks from famous site is a hard task to fulfill but with the right tools and techniques you can have the previledged of getting the attentions of those higher-ranked websites.

Backlinks will not only help you in increasing the page rank of your site but it will indirectly fetch you lots of money in the long run. With positive backlinks your individual posts in search engines will also rank higher. High PR blogs were given higher preferences compared to low PR blogs but you can use their rank as a leverage for your blog.

Backlinks from High Page Rank Sites

Getting links from higher PR blogs is not an easy task according to some bloggers but there are different ways so that you can make use of different sites for your backlinks which are absolutely free.

Here are some of the higher PR sites that can be use to get valuable backlinks:

Mozilla Forum: Page Rank (8)

This forum site will enable every member to post your link and get high-quality traffic if you have the proper technique on how to make yourself available and you can provide the much-needed information for the people in your niche who needs your advice. You can use the methods on how to participate in forums. Just create an free account and add your website/blog url in the bio and post some mozilla browser related issues in the forum.

WordPress.Org Forum: Page Rank (8)

WordPress is considered as one of the most reliable CMS (Content Management System) therefore one of the ways to get noticed is to become part of the WordPress community and you can get a free backlinks from a reliable website. All you have to do is to open an account on WordPress Forums. After registration head over to the “Your WordPress,” you can then thread and post anything related to your blog but make sure you can convey your message very well.

Squidoo: Page Rank (7)

In Squidoo you can register yourself as a member then write a detailed post about some topic which you were considered as an authority and post it on your lens. In order to add value to your post you can add images and if possible, a video to make the page look more interesting and alive, so to speak. Don’t remember to link back to your blog from within the content using a suitable anchor text. You can make money as your authority grow in Squidoo.

Newsvine: Page Rank (7)

One of the most interesting news site which put more value to the publisher or owner of the article being posted. Just create an account on Newsvine and post an article with a backlink to your blog. Newsvine is being considered as the fastest place to read and discuss news stories from around the world. Build your credibility as a writer and you will surely reap higher traffic in the long run if you have already established your authority.

Although there are other websites who got a high Page Rank such as your Google Plus profile, Youtube and Yahoo Answers but the only problem with the sites mentioned were their links that are no-follow right now. Meaning they won’t help you in increasing your page rank but still you can use them in helping you get credible backlinks for yourself.

If you know more sites which offered free backlinks to your blog just add it on the comments provided below.

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