How to Download Google Maps and Use it Offline

by RobSake on July 7, 2012

Tourists needs one of the most reliable companion on travelling, maps. Due to recent innovations in technology, maps is now available everywhere especially on the internet but how about if you have no internet connection. No need to worry anymore for Google Maps App is now available for download from the Android Market to use offline.

Google Maps Download

In order for the tourists to save money from travelling a mapping tool is extremely important especially if there is no internet connection. Google Maps lets you save up to six large metro areas for example, Greater London, Paris or New York with your working net access before you visit those areas.

After you download the maps it can be stored on your smart phone and can be view these maps offline. Right now Google maps offline support for 150 countries.

First thing to do is to download and upgrade to the verstion of Google Maps App from Google Play Store. After you decide which area you want to visit, just select “Make available offline” from menu.

If you have a GPS enabled phone, which works for free and have downloaded maps of your area then activating it for free GPS it will also help to show your exact location on the map without a data connection.

Another added advantage of Google Maps is that, if your device have Compass installed then you can align yourself in any direction without 3G or WiFi Connectivity. A plus factor of Google Maps is when you add the power of new gyroscope sensor plus of Street View on Google Map App, you can experience the new smoother and faster Compass Mode for Street View.

Using maps on your smartphone devices will not only save your time on looking for a particular place and the right direction but most of all it will save enough money and effort in your part.

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