How to Check the Safety of your Yahoo E-Mail Password

by RobSake on July 13, 2012

Yahoo have encountered a security breach as confirmed by the website itself, and due to the number of passwords being leaked online which accounted up to 453,000 Yahoo Login Details from it’s user-generated contributor network Yahoo! Voices.

Hacker group called “D33ds” leaked the information online through text and published it online on Thursday morning. The passwords were stored unencrypted the long list of usernames and passwords were posted in text for all to see.


Password Checking System


Yahoo confirmed through about the security breach, they released a statement through technology website in which they stated that “At Yahoo! we take security very seriously and invest heavily in protective measures to ensure the security of our users and their data across all our products.” Yahoo stated through Techcrunch.

The security breach in one of Yahoo’s network comes just one day after 420,000 member accounts of social network Formspring were compromised, and a few weeks after millions of passwords were leaked online from sites such as LinkedIn, eHarmony and

The problem of the leaked password and e-mail accounts from Yahoo were already downloaded by some internet users. A company called Sucuri Malware Labs used their network so that every users can check to see if your e-mail account via Yahoo! Voices.

In order to make sure that your information is safe check your e-mail by clicking here.

Yahoo! also encouraged users to regularly update passwords and familiarize themselves with safety tips at

Make sure you have your e-mail address secured before making any transactions online.  Just add your comments below to let us know if you have already secured your e-mail address.


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