Habits Leading to More Productivity for Busy Bloggers

by RobSake on July 25, 2012

Productivity is one of the primary problems of most bloggers, some of the focused individuals were getting a lot more done compared to other individuals in terms of generating articles and providing great contents with their website or blog.

Without productivity our success as a blogger is at risked, in whatever endeavors we are right now being productive is one of our primary concern.

Being more productive will reap more success, there is no doubt with that. Success however doesn’t come out automatically. You need to rehearsed, practiced and perfected over time.

Habits Leading to More Productivity

Here are some of the habits leading to more productive individual:

Taking Notes:

One of the most important habits that every blogger or aspiring entrepreneur should master. Most of the successful bloggers and entrepreneur were into note taking. Bloggers were always on the move and taking down notes each time an idea surface in the mind will help a great deal to capture it on the spot.

According to scientific studies writing triggers a reaction in the brain that helps it register the message you are writing. Writing exercises will surely improve your memory and the capacity to hold more information in your brain will lead to more productivity.

Control Web Surfing and E-mails:

Controlling web surfing and email reading will lead to tremendous boosts in productivity in your routine as a blogger. A minute spent emailing is no big deal but when added up will surely get a chunk of your time. Checking and responding to email takes concentration away from the task on hand.

Web browsing is another factor that takes plenty of time in your online tasks. Make sure that you absolutely need to browse and it is related to your topic or niche. There’s no problem with web browsing but total control should be prioritized as an entrepreneur. One of the best way to keep on tracks with the topics or niche you are covering is to set up Google Alerts and RSS Blog Feeds on your Reader so all relevant updates, information and news that your are interested in is pushed to your rather scourging garbage online.

Writing helps me get tasks on the list.  Prioritization helps me ensure that I get the right things done first.  I tend to focus on a handful of tasks to cover daily (I try not to have more than 3).  Anything more can be overwhelming and as a result nothing gets done. The key is to tackle your TO DO list in manageable bite size pieces.

I try to make a small list of tasks to do the night before.  When I start my day in the morning, I have a list and I can structure my schedule to ensure they get done as effectively and efficiently as possible.


When you have already succeeded in writing or taking down notes which will get your tasks on the list while prioritization helps you ensure that you get the right things done first. Just focus on a handful of tasks to cover daily because overwhelming your days with tasks will results to nothing gets done. The key here is to tackle your TO DO list in a manageable bite size pieces.

Monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPI):

You should monitor a handful of metrics or Key Performance Indicators which will give a good overview of your current standings personally or professionally. This is a means to measure your success in your field of endeavors. Metrics, or quantitative data will tell you where your are doing well and where you need to spend more time and effort.

There is a popular sayings that states “you get what you measure, so start measuging what you want to get.” You have to apply this a blogger like for example, if you just launched a website, your goal might be to measure the number of visitors to your site.  As your website matures and gains more traction, a more relevant metric might become your conversion rate.

Balance and Get Social Media Leads for your Productivity:

Human beings are social beings but you should be careful with how much time you spent with your social media interactions. Spend some time meeting and socializing with buddies and friends. Give time for yourself to change your environment and reward yourself a bit for the hard work you are putting in.

One of the best books that I’ve ever read and wanted to share with you is the book titled “Never Eat Alone” which was authored by Keith Ferrazzi. I absolutely love the message. Taking a break sometimes leads to more productivity.

With all that said, do not forget to set time aside for Family.  It is our families that we work so hard for to begin with, so make sure you spend time with those nearest and dearest to you.

How about you how do you spent your time and make it more productive? Let your story be heard with the comments provided below.


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