Four Steps to Increase Blog Traffic

by RobSake on July 3, 2012

One of the most common problem in blogging is the increase of traffic, during my early days in blogging I find it difficult to increase my blog traffic even my blogs that were not being updated find it hard to rebound from the bottom. Blog Traffic is hard to get so you must try to implement a smart blogging method.

Many of the bloggers experience the same situation, so we have to review our traffic strategy to increase our traffic and get the much-needed attention that is vital for our blog’s growth.┬áThe following are systematic and proven method, we must be careful with the time frame suggested but if you have plenty of time then double it.

Blog Traffic

Here are the four simple strategy that will definitely increase your blog traffic:

1. Killer (Pillar) Article (1 Hour per day):

You have to be careful with the first step for everything will start here, spend at least one hour brainstorming, researching and writing pillar or killer articles. The goal is to make one killer article per week. You have to spend one hour per week for one pillar article meaning you will have 5 to 6 hours per week for a focused pillar article.

2. Networking (3o minutes per day):

Networking is needed especially when are just getting started, spend at least 30 minutes to build your network to the community of bloggers. Each day you should set aside a time for networking. You can split your 30 minutes with commenting on blogs, linking to the posts of other bloggers and interacting with the blogging communities through Twitter, IM, e-amil or Facebook.

You must be careful with the time spent in networking and always remember that the main purpose is to build genuine relationships through respecting their work think that the two of you could grow together.

3. Promotion (30 minutes per day):

When promoting our blog we should push it in any way you can, let it go viral. If you have already the pillar article or the killer article you should promote it. Let the people in your network know about your pillar articles. Try to inform bloggers and webmasters with the same niche to know about it. Getting some friends to submit the article in social bookmarking sites.

Let your friends and connections know your article and convince them to Twit about it and you can also post about the article in online forums. If there are times left use it for search engine optimization, social media marketing activities to promote your blog. You can also promote your blog on Facebook and through guest blogging.

4. Normal Posts (1 Hour per day):

Normal posts are the ones that you will publish routinely in your blog between killer articles. You can do this by publishing normal posts from Tuesday through Friday while Monday will be preserve for the killer article.

Normal posts were articles such as news regarding your niche, a post linking to an article on another blog containing your opinion about it. You can also post articles which asks question to your readers and aiming to initiate a discussion. Other normal posts includes a new resource or tricks that you discovered that you think will be helpful to your blog readers.

Our pillar articles were essential to promote our blog but normal posts are the ones that will create diversity and it will surely keep your readers engaged with your blog.

How about you, what are the different ideas you implement that increase your blog traffic. Let us discuss it in the comments below.

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