Different Ways to Promote a Blog Post

by RobSake on July 8, 2012

One of the ways to generate traffic with your blog post is to promote your blog. We will discuss here on how we can promote our blog with the available methods online at our own expense.

Some bloggers made a mistake on promoting their blog by just putting the home page URL but the most effective way on commenting is to promote a particular post in your blog while commenting on relevant topics.

In promoting our blog we need to be proactive and spend a little time on giving some extra leaps for our blog to create a buzz.

Different Ways to Promote Your Blog

Here are some ways to promote a blog post:

  1. Convince other bloggers to link to your post. This one of the hardest task to follow but you can use this technique occasionally, nobody knows what luck will bring you if you will be notice by some popular bloggers, the most important thing is that you try.
  2. Leverage through Social Media. Every bloggers have their own social media account such as Facebook and Twitter or Google Plus, use this tools to promote your blog. The main point here is to seed your blog link and let your followers spread the word of it for you.
  3. Use your Social Bookmarking Sites. If you don’t have any social bookmarkingg sites try to register one for you. You can promote selective links on sites like Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon to name a few. Just be careful not to spam this site with your link, make a unique approach on submitting links.
  4. Commenting on Blogs and Forums. One of the most effective way is to leave a helpful and insightful comments to blogs on your niche will lead to greater traffic just build your authority on other site’s and forum.  Leave link that is highly relevant.
  5. E-Mail Signatures. When you comment to other blogs make sure to leave your e-mail signature with a link back to specific post on your site that is highly relevant to the discussion. You can also use this on your outgoing e-mails.
  6. Make a Follow-up Posts. Writing follow-up posts especially those viral posts is vital on your blog promotion. It will build momentum and drives more page views on your blog aside from getting more authority to your niche.
  7. Build Internal Links. One of the most effective ways to drive more traffic to your blog and create greater page views is through internal linking of posts. You must find ways to link your posts on any relevant topics within your blog. Linking relevant post will increase the time spent on your blog.

The above-mentioned suggestions should be used carefully and not to use them all with your every post. Try to determine your best post and promote them selectively. Another way to promote your blog is through a newsletter if you have an e-mail list.

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