Adsense Protection: How to Protect Click-Bombing and Invalid Clicks

by RobSake on July 22, 2012

For the past three years in blogging one of the most successful monetization strategy I apply with my other blogs is through Google Adsense. Protection of your Google Adsense Account is one of the most difficult task especially when you have already gained a thousand dollars of income.

Protecting our Adsense Account is of primary importance aside from the fact that you have already complied with the Terms and Conditions given by Google but invalid clicks is inevitable therefore an Adsense Protection Script is a must for all bloggers.

Adsense Protection

One of the vulnerability of the Adsense Program is the click fraud or more popularly known as click bombing which will trigger the Adsense Network to ban your account automatically once you became a target of malicious click fraud.

According to Adsense policies, once your account is disable, you can no longer particpate again in the program, meaning you will be banned from Adsense for the rest of your life.

For the past few years there have never been a program or script that successfully survived the click fraud attack on Adsense publishers and according to Google they don’t have enough tools to prevent this activity.

As one of the victim of Click Bombing I conducted a research to counter the attack. Later on, I discovered that a group of expert programmers from different parts of the world convened and made a resolution to fight against click-bombing and other invalid activities to help Adsense Publishers.

Due to intense research and development of the product I was convinced and employed the technique and use the script on my blog. According to the programmers who discovered the script to counter click-bombing, I am one of the pioneer bloggers who used their product. After 2 years since I used the product, I haven’t encountered a problem yet.

The Anti-Click Bomb is a simple but powerful script which was born to prevent attack on different Adsense Publishers. The script was tested first by members of the inner circle of programmers on their respective site before deploying it as a complete product.

The Adsense Protection Program’s most advance features is the detection and automatic banning of the IP Address who made an attack into an Adsense Account thereby preventing click-bombing activity.

For a full feature on how this script works please visit

You can also try the demo page to see the script in action.

So what are you waiting for, head on to the official site of Adsense Protection to discover the product’s capability to protect your Adsense Account. If you are interested you can buy the product through the link provided. Buy Adsense Protection Now.

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