Ways To Make Money Online Without Spending A Dime

by RobSake on June 17, 2012

There are several ways to make money online without spending a dime, although it is a proven fact that someone needs to invest something for a huge return but there are ways to do so without spending a dime, just enough time.

Here are several ways to make money online without spending:

Money Making Ideas Online

Article Writing:

There are plenty of sites that will pay for articles and blog posts for their website and it depends upon the quality of the original article. It will pay for “performance” based on page views and page visits. Articles were classified on specific topis and can earn direct payments to respective authors up to about $200.00.

Associated Content and Helium were two of the most reliable websites who were accepting article posting for a pay based upon performance. Check the two-mentioned site for you to evaluate.

Creating a Topical Resource Hub:

For those who were experts in a particular niche, you can put together an overview of the topic and assemble the best resources to create a topical hubs and get paid. Payments for this particular endeavors were based on a combination of ad revenue and affiliate fees.

Sites like Squidoo, and HubPages were providing these kind of services. The sites have a built-in supply of tools for easier content creation. It’s worth a try for those who have no website.

Create Blog/Blogs:

For beginners who were just new to blogging, anyone can have their own web site, install blogging software or even set up an advertising for your own blog without spending a dime. Google provided all the tolls needed to set up your won blog in less than five minutes even without knowing a thing about web design.

At Blogger, anybody can set up a blog and generate income through Google Adsense. To make for money from your free blog, you can even set up an affiliate program. Although this kind of advice is not new and takes a lot of time and effort, it’s worth a try. Other blogging platform that offered easier blogging experience is through WordPress but it doesn’t allow Adsense income streams.

Although making blogs through free blogging platform, we still advice to our readers to worked on premium blogging ways by creating blogs professionally. We highly recommend WordPress blogging platform and used Premium Themes like Thesis and host your site with a reliable server like HostGator.

Advertise Other People’s Products Through Affiliate Marketing:

Advertising in a particular website or blog is one of the highly-generating income-streams on the internet nowadays. If you have already your own website or blog, you can directly contact an advertisers and offer package that will be beneficial for both parties.

Affiliate Marketing is a vague topic that needs specific information, the most important thing in affiliate marketing is for the website owner to display an affiliate link and they will receive a particular percentage for each product being sold through your links.

Those were some of the most popular money-making ways for anybody to make money online without spending a dime. The most important thing for the ways mention earlier is for you to get focus, give ample time to study the different ways and don’t ever try to give up and most of all keep yourself always updated.

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