Six Free Ways to Make Money Online

by RobSake on June 25, 2012

Blogging as a business is a difficult task to pursue especially for those who just starting their career on blogging. Surviving as a full-time blogger needs a lot of effort for your part for we are competing against the best in our field. A blog which tackles on making money online is one of the most saturated topic on the internet so must try to leverage those free ways to make money online.

Blogging needs time, patience, determination, regularity, strategies and good writing capabilities but the most important thing to consider is our motivation to earn an online income. There are free ways to make money online, we will discuss only six ways to make money.

Make Money Online

Here are the Six Ways to Make Online:

  1. Affiliate Marketing: In Affiliate Marketing, all you have to do is to promote other people’s products so that you can earn a higher commission from the product produced by a company. Higher earnings is possible with this kind of medium but it takes time to build your profile as one of the trusted affiliate. The product in which you are an affiliate can be posted in any medium possible for you as long as you can convince them to buy the product you promoted.
  2. Article Writing Service: Webmasters and bloggers were always busy with their sites so there are times that they need the service of Article writers and if you are qualified, you can have a decent income or you can build a relationship with those bloggers who needs quality articles from a qualified and trusted writer they can be a source of permanent income for us.
  3. Guest Posting for Clients: Guest posting to other people’s blogs or to higher ranked blogs were consistent targets also of bloggers but they need time to do such project, so we can provide their needs by providing them with worthy article for their guest post and in return we can make money with our service.
  4. Writing Blog Reviews and Paid Posts: Blogs which have a huge following benefit more in this kind of service, writing reviews and paid posts. Just make sure that you write reviews with a good products and not put your name in disgrace. An honest review always makes a good return of investment.
  5. Blog Commenting Service: Due to the busy schedules of some bloggers and website owners they find it difficult to post comments on different websites which is closely related with their blog traffic. Blog commenting is one way of income source for us if we will take time to find out who are those bloggers who needs our help in commenting on their behalf at a price.
  6. Broker for Web Owners: We can also earn commission by getting clients who pay for advertisement. Bridging between website owners and advertisers is a hard task but with practice and proper connections we can make this way as a source of income for us.
There are different ways to make money online and we can survive in any possible way but we should be careful also in dividing our time with the make money online aspects and at the same time we must managed to provide great article for our blogs. We should balance our time spent doing odd jobs online and not forget our main money blog, for it is our purpose why we were giving our best effort.


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