Powerful Content Creation with Triple “A” Solutions for Making Money

by RobSake on June 17, 2012

It is a proven fact that in blogging we have always abide by the saying that states “Content is King,” and in making content there are factors to consider. For  more than 2 years in blogging we have developed a powerful solution for content creation which was also promulgated by Demand Media, one of the internet’s most recognized site for content creation.

Demand Media was the primary suppliers of content for eHow, LiveStrong and YouTube. Demand Media shared the basis of their profitable content-based business. They were the first to institute the Triple A Solution for Powerful Content Creation.

The three most important aspects of content creation were; Audience, Avenue and Advertisers:

Content is King Solutions


In content creation, the author should always put the audience on their perspective, we must identify who cares about our idea. We should try to understand who needs our products or ideas, if no one cares then our creation are worthless.

At first we don’t necessarily need a huge audience but a targeted or small niche audience with the real need and desire for our products and services will be enough for us to pursue our ideas.

We must try to limit our audience to the group with real need and common characteristics which separate them from the general population and as prospective viewers of our site.  Write these characteristics down and carefully target your work to meet the felt need within the defining characteristics of our audience.


The channel or avenue to reach the targeted audience is critical in a powerful content creation. There are different ways wherein we could use our chosen avenue it could be through our website, blog, RSS feed or e-mail newsletter.

Make sure that you will put all the information needed in the right tool for example if you are knowledgeable with sports topics and put all the necessary information in a scientific journals or a science-related websites, you can never reached your targeted audience.

As bloggers we should asked ourselves first where does our audience go for information or products to solve their problems. The answers should be where our content go. You have to decide also on what avenue to chose, it could be a crowd sourcing site or it might be with the site you create.


After you have already discovered your audience and you have chosen already a suitable avenue, it’s now the right time to monetize your content. Advertisers were needed to keep our blogs or websites afloat.

Advertisers risks their money by putting an advertisements to our site and if we can provide them a powerful content and reliable avenue, they will surely put their hard-earned money for them to get noticed. We need to have good advertisers for us to make money, the only possible exception is when our content is focused on selling our own products. In this case we take the place of an advertiser and with the payback in the form of product sales.

The mentioned method of powerful content creation have been proven already for the past few years. Making money online is not just an ordinary subject we were giving you some of the tips on how to provide a powerful content but the success always depends on your time and effort to follow the Triple “A” Solutions.

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