How to Simplify Your Blogging and Get More Things Done

by RobSake on June 29, 2012

Maintaining blogs is not just an easy task, it will put too much pressures on us if we do not know on how to get things done and made it simple for us to achieve our goals of providing free and relevant information.

There are methods that we follow to simplify our day-to-day blogging tasks, so we can write better posts than we ever thought were possible while existing less overall effort on our part. Some of this method were already discussed already with the different ways to systemize our blogging.

Simplify Your Blog

Here Are Some of the Proven Methods to Simplify blogging in Less Time:

  1. Writing Things Down: Since the first day my blogging career I keep a journal close to me so that I just can write down every thoughts as they came by. I keep on writing down ideas, thoughts and action items throughout my day. What I gain with this simple method is that I was able to think clearly and concisely when it’s time to write a blog post.
  2. Set A Schedule: Keeping a strict schedule will surely helps you a lot as a blogger, use whatever tools to help you stay on task and focused. Going back to method number 1 just write down your schedule. First priority first and write down your own downtime. Scheduling is discuss deeper in how to systemize your blog.
  3. Use A System: There are routine tasks in our blogs that makes us lazy on producing reliable and more effective article like for example we simply forget about getting the right visuals to supports our posts. We must try to analyze what keeps our mind from stop thinking about our subject, or what are the distractions we have when writing a post. Sometimes we lost energy so we need to have a system. Try to create and leverage systems in your blogging, there are instances that we were not able to finish a very informative article because of lack of sources but don’t let it stop you from finishing the articles even it will be posted later.
  4. Keep A Headline Storage: Keeping a storage of headlines in any medium available will help you to prevents you from scrambling for ideas when you’re ready to write. It’s one of the easiest method available at our expense, keeping an idea in our mind and writing it down will help us to easily formulate a new article. Having enough ideas will make your brain more active, it’s just a matter of writing them down fast enough.
  5. Tackle The Harder Task First: It is often misunderstood by some bloggers although we have different methods on how to handle this kind of situation. In writing for our blog, we have to consider those harder task first. Our mind were better prepared early in the morning compared to what we can do in the afternoon. If we have finished already the harder tasks first we have used the right energy at the right time. It is also applicable with our weekly and monthly blogging tasks.
  6. Borrow  An Idea: This kind of technique were often used by newbie bloggers, but we have be very careful with this one. Take a popular idea you like, read and understand the idea and post it using your own words or your experience with the things being discussed. Stealing an idea is different with borrowing an idea and always remember as a bloggers we must be careful of plagiarism.
  7. Re-use An Old Post: Re-using an old post doesn’t meant that you just simply copy your older post to provide more content in your blog, re-using means that you take an old post, make it relevant to today’s world and then add a few new ideas to it. Make the old post bigger and better than before to look like brand new. Give a new headline, write an updated intro or conclusion. Then, work in a great call to action that promotes a new product line or asks readers for input, and add a few new pictures to it.
  8. Make A Random Connection To An Idea:  Take two unrelated things, and make them work together. For example, “Albert Einstein Lessons for Bloggers”or “How To Use Monroe’s Motivated Sequence” I just made those up, and already I’m fighting my creative brain’s desire to come up with reasons why a random monster would be a great blogger. See how awesome that is?
  9. Forget About Blogging and Take A Break: If your mind is overflowing with information but you failed to write an article for your blog post then you need to forget about blogging and try to take a break. It is healthy and helpful to take a moment and forget about your blog. Try to meditate, or rest, or just “hang out,” and let the blog post ideas come to you, not the other way around.

How about you do have something to share, let’s talk about that in the comment section provided below.

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