How To Multiply Online Content Quickly For Faster Traffic

by RobSake on June 29, 2012

Content Syndication is far far the most effective way to drive traffic to your site but what is content syndication? This is the method used by most bloggers, we take a piece of content and we place it on hundreds of different websites or directories. This will work so well, when you place one piece of content in hundreds of place online you multiple the chances that your readers will find you and not only them but most of all the search engines.

You can add a portal for your site when you place a piece of content on another site, the more portals, the more chances that people will find you and come to you through those portals. Multiplying our online content is a harder task but if we will used some of the industry standard we can compete even with the best.

Content Marketing

Improve Your Social Media Marketing :

It is a proven fact that social media sites are the most visited sites in the internet nowadays, so we need to leverage with them but we have be careful with our time spent with this site. Although Facebook don’t want us to promote or market ourselves but our relationships and connections with the different social media sites will do the job for us.

All we have to do is to provide  relevant topics and articles that are useful to every individual who were using most of their time with the different social media sites. We are just leveraging our social networking friends and connections but when they find out how worthy our articles then by word of mouth we will surely gain from our social media efforts.

Getting More Backlinks:

Backlinks are backbones of our blog, if we get more backlinks especially from more established sites, the tendency of getting more traffic is inevitable. Backlinks are the best way to make your place higher in search engines. Blogging consistently and building text related contents to your keywords promotes your blog backlinks.

An articles which is composed of 300 to 5oo word or more with valuable content that relates to your keywords will build a following both from your social media connections and to other blogs who were linking to your site.

Keyword Optimization:

The best article we have in our blog should be keyword optimized so that our site will get to the top of the search engine rankings. Here’s how to do this, your keyword or keyword phrase should be visible in the title, in the first sentence and at the last part of the article. We should try to have at least 3% keyword density with every article we posted in our blog.

One of the tools that we use to determine the keyword density of every post we submitted is through the site, livekeywordanalysis. It is a simple tool that enable us to determine the depth of the keywords that we are using.

Article Spinning:

Article Spinning is the art of changing the way the words presented without changing the meaning and content of the article. For example, “I need to go to school to get all my belongings,” can be spun by changing it to “I should stop by the school to pick up my things.” It can be done manually

The above mentioned articles were just some of the ways to multiply content quickly for faster traffic. All of them are free to use and try to experience it with yourself but if you have something to add we will discuss it in the comments provided below.


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