Are You Blogging Hard or Blogging Smart? You Have the Right to Choose

by RobSake on June 22, 2012

In blogging there are ways to consider on how you perform your task on a daily basis. Why is it important that we should know first if we are blogging hard or we are blogging smart.

Blogging hard will put our health at risks, we work hard for our blog to earn money but the earnings we could get is not enough for the health risks in the near future. It is a proven fact already that there are people who earned a living through blogs but there are people also who got broke because of blogging. The best thing to do is to blog smart and not to blog hard.

Work Smart

Some of the advised on blogging told us to work hard will get us ahead, that’s correct to a certain extent but working hard can have a very negative impact on our health. Long hours and the strain to keep doing more can result to anxiety, depression and burn out. Rather than working hard we must learn on how to work smart.

Working smartly is rewarding for we can our reach our goals to build a highly effective blog. Here are the methods on blogging smart:

Determine Your Goal With Every Blog Post:

    • Attracting brand new site visitors
    • Retaining existing visitors
    • Building a community
    • Starting a conversation
    • Attracting clients
    • Building a contact list/Twitter followers/Facebook likes
    • Selling your own personal product/affiliate product

Rest More to Get 100% Energy:

Enough rest will bring us more energy although we have heard about those testimonies of those bloggers who work hard and only put 4 hours or less sleep to produce more posts but the quality of their blog posts were affected. Resting and relaxing enough will surely leads us to better results and our productivity will surely increase.

Smart Blogging Towards Something Great:

What are the things we should do as a blogger to succeed with our goal towards something great and do the working smart principle in our blog. We have to take time and check out the successful bloggers around the internet and learn from them by studying their method that brought them to greater heights in blogging.

Blogging Smart is the best way to release our true potential in blogging not only with working hard. How about you? What are your experiences in blogging, are you blogging hard or blogging smart? Just add your comments below to let us know.

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