9 Most Popular Affiliate Programs of 2012 For Small and Medium-Sized Blogs

by RobSake on June 30, 2012

There are plenty of affiliate programs in the internet nowadays but we will focus right now on the Top 9 Affiliate Programs of 2012 for small and medium-sized blogs. We have already discussed earlier the importance of affiliate marketing in our money making ventures online.

In order for us to make a steady streams of income in the internet we need to be part of the different affiliate programs available in the internet. I will be recommending some of the best affiliate programs that will suite our needs for the year 2012.

Affiliate Marketing

Based upon my experience in blogging and upon the recommendation of fellow bloggers who were in the small and medium blog sizes I was able to come up with the Top 9 Lists of Affiliate Programs.

1. Linkshare:

Linkshare is the world’s largest affiliate according to reports with over 10 million affiliate partnership and with over 2,500 affiliate programs that lets you choose, you can even manage your own program using the company’s various service and support options.

With a proven platform strength, support quality and international capabilities, Linkshare is the current leader among the most popular affiliate programs.

2. Commission Junction:

The largest affiliate marketing network in North America with global operations, the strength of Commission Junction is with their balancing relationship between merchants, the networks and the affiliates. It is owned by one of the most trusted company in California, the ValueClick Inc.

Commission Junction have its regular pay-per-action affiliate program and it also offers PayPerCall program to help affiliates to secure their payments and they expand their promotional both the online and offline campaigns.

3. ShareASale:

The company was regarded with the best overall performance marketing network in the world today with over 2,500 merchant programs. ShareASale received excellent rating with the company’s reputation, security, ethics, customer service, and ease of commission payment.

4. Amazon Associates:

Amazon is one of the most reliable affiliate system, it has a reporting system that “far surpasses other big networks,” this is one of the largest and most diverse affiliate programs available. The company offers over a million products from which you can choose to monetize your website or blog. Amazon Associates is a pay-per-sale affiliate program.

5. Google Affiliate Network:

Google Affiliate Network helps advertisers increase online conversions on a performance basis and enables publishers to monetize traffic with affiliate ads. The program is a pay-per-action network that pays commissions to its affiliates for driving conversions. The only problem with the network is that it requires a Google AdSense account for posting ads to the affiliate’s website or blog and facilitating affiliate payments.

6. ClixGalore:

ClixGalore is an Australian-based PPA (pay-per-action) affiliate program. The company offers various types of programs, including PPM (pay-per-impression), PPL (pay per lead), PPS (pay-per-sale), and PPC (pay-per-click). With its solid network that offers thousands of potential merchant programs that also offers a two-tier network.

7. PeerFly:

PeerFly is a PPA network with its own proprietary software system. The affiliate program became popular for its great staff and excellent platform. They accept publishers from different parts of the world and offered thousand of merchant programs.

8. Clickbank:

One of the most well-known affiliate network, ClickBank features digital products, such as e-books, software, and membership sites. The program reportedly offers up to 75% commissions on its tens of thousands of products. The only problem with this program is that it hard to sell a products with plenty of competitions. Commissions are paid weekly, and direct deposit is available to its affiliates.

If you want to know more on how to set-up your own clickbank account just check our special feature on how to make money with Clickbank in two parts from the previous post.

9. Max Bounty:

MaxBounty have a good reputation among its affiliates, it pays affiliate commissions weekly and one of most popular among affiliate marketers. It received numerous positive reviews and write-ups.

How about your experience in affiliate marketing? Just share something regarding your experience with different affiliate programs with the comment space provided below.

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