Best Permalinks, SEO Friendly URL Structure for Your WordPress Blog

by Jay Pabs on May 18, 2011

One of the number one questions I ask after I build my own blog is “What is the best SEO friendly URL I must use”.

I believe you will not realize this question until you start blogging. We learn from our own mistake until we found out that the way we do things yesterday is not the best thing today. So we start changing the way it is.

SEO Friendly URL

Changing of “Permalinks” after you start blogging is not a good idea. You will be penalized by Google if your previous link returns a 404 error or the “Page not found” error. But sometimes it is necessary to change this because we believe that changing it will give a positive return.

This is true to one of my blog. I started using the “/%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/” but later I changed it to “/%category%/%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/”.

The reason I change it because I want to monitor what is the best paying category using Google Adsense. If you do not know Google Adsense, it’s a number one method of monetizing your blog.

So the best practice is to have a total control on the URL on your site. Some are using different URL structure and they also have their own idea.

Example of this is:

“/%category %/%postname%/”

A category followed by a post name or the Title of your post. This is also good, but Google advice that your site should be easy to navigate.

If you are just starting blogging, you should consider how you want your URL will look like, so that you will not have trouble changing it when your blog start to grow.

If you have a different URL structure, we wanted to hear your voice. Please leave your comment below.


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