Find Missing Html Tags

by Jay Pabs on April 17, 2011

Sometimes it’s so frustrating to debug an HTML tags. Unlike with other languages like PHP, the interpreter has to validate first the code before it will be executed.

But since HTML has no interpreter, the code are still process and produced an output even there are some missing tags.

It happens to me many times and it’s so hard to find the missing HTML tag. One of my website, scattered some of its layout due to missing DIV tag. One of the techniques I use to find its error is to COUNT how many opening and closing div tag there is. Once I found that the number is not equal, I will use HTML validator to find where the missing tag is.

The best HTML validator so far that I use is the HTML Tidy. HTML Tidy has a plugin for firefox called “Html Validator”.

After you install it, just go to the page source of your page and you will see some unusual HTML tags that needs to be validated.

Here’s an example screenshot of HTML validator.

HTML Validator HTML Validator

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