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by Jay Pabs on March 18, 2011

One of the biggest questions that I ever had when my website started to grow its traffic is on how to auto scale it based on the resources that it needs. I started hosting my website at and transferred to due to high loads in server. But cannot serve my website and I decided to find another hosting. This time I keep an in depth research because I don’t want to experience again the outages that I have with my previous web hosting. keeps my website live for almost a year without automatically taking it down due to increase in CPU usage. But that was until December 2010 when my website was featured at My website received a lot of traffic about 20k hits within three hours. I was very happy to the result but when I was about to sleep I happen to open my website to take a look at it again if it was doing well. To my surprise my website has been shut down without any notice. I was really terrified by this incident. I was thinking that is in fact my last bet for the best web hosting. I, in fact, upgraded my plan to VPS package thinking that it well solves a CPU usage problem. But I was wrong.

Disabling access to your site is the most annoying part of your business. You are at the mercy of your web hosting company. Starting that day I again take a thorough research on how to solve this problem. Although my website has return to its normal traffic but I did not stop searching for the real solution. Until one day I came across on one website that talked about cloud hosting. I already heard before the word cloud computing but I am not so familiar with it.

I was very optimistic on cloud hosting. I am thinking that it was in fact the solution to my problem. But another problem I have is the price of cloud hosting. Most of them are very expensive. However, my goal was to find a good and reliable web hosting that can be scaled automatically even when I am away on my computer or I am sleeping. Setting aside a capital for my web hosting needs is not so easy. But because I need it badly, I started to sign up and testing if it was really the answer. Cloud Hosting Auto Scaling Feature as far as I know is the cheapest and most reliable cloud hosting company out there. Although I have a fresh idea about their service but I can feel that they offer a great service plus customer support. Even they don’t have live chat support, they still able to reply to the ticketing system faster. auto scaling is powered by For you to have a bird’s eye view here’s the screenshot on my account at Auto Scaling


Before you decide on migrating to a cloud hosting like, be sure to read my post if VPS.NET Cloud Hosting is really for you.

If your website is not currently serving a lot of traffic, is still the best web hosting (shared hosting) out there.

If you think that this is a paid review, you are wrong. See the DNS of this website and you will find out that I am in fact hosted at


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