Healthy Blogging

by Jay Pabs on December 4, 2010

Yes my dear readers, “An easy reading is damn hard writing.” People who reads any of the blogs of different sites (whatever it was) will remark “Wow, how I love this blog, the writer really took my heart”, or they may say “The writer of this one is absolutely funny; I feel like his never of problems.” Well, they just don’t know. I, as a blogger also find the hard time to arrive with everything I already posts in my blog, while keeping myself intact on the current state of my health. There really comes a time that as a blogger, just in order for you to keep your readers at hand with your site, you need to take risk by sacrificing one thing- your health.

Healthy Blogging

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Skipping meals, sleepless nights, and even missing some special moments – these were just some of the forfeit of a dedicated, and well, of an addictive blogger. But how one could be able to have daily blogs without forsaking his physical condition? Distinctly, have yourself a healthy blogging.

Healthy Blogging is not just about doing your scheduled task and at the same time, well of course watching your health- completing your meal in a day, attending your aerobic exercises, and have your monthly check-up with your doctor; healthy blogging is actually avoiding yourself from stress and unexpected illness, but satisfactorily helping your readers whenever they need your posts.

How to attain this? Simple with these guidelines:

Make Yourself the ‘First’ Always in the List

Ralph Waldo Emerson was right when he said “The first wealth is health”. If there are issues or important things about yourself that are for settlement, then do it by providing your ample time- whether it is about personal concerns: jam academic training, family feud, an intimate relationship, or of course your health status. Love thyself by making yourself always on the list; for all that we know, our health is the only best asset we had. It is inappropriate to do write-ups if your mind is wandering; concentration is often disturbed by inner interruptions. When you blog, clear your mind simply by the ‘2M’- the meditation and motivation.

Work for the First Blog

In my previous article Prioritizing your Blog”, I had mention that you have to keep your focus always at hand. If you are hurrying to accomplish everything that you have in your to-do list, don’t. Hurrying for something won’t help you out; it will just affix with your previous task, and will be immediately included to your daily worries. Do first things first by taking one step at a time. The important factor about this? You had worked on your daily inventory amidst on the query of ‘when’ and ‘how’.

To blog or not to blog

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Detach Work from Health

Each of us are afraid to go through an illness, even if it just in moderate situation, the fact behind this is we’re incapable of doing something if we are in such severe health condition. Illness will always keep you in worry, and the worst thing that is about to happen? You cannot think of anything but the pain of being helpless. Detach your work from your health by setting them apart. Do schedules between them; when you should work for blogs and how you will keep intact of your well being. Simple, isn’t it?

Learn from Both Aspect

What if, right now, you’re suffering from an illness which is caused by your constant and tireless work? Well, let’s just say it is because you want to earn bigger money. Yes, everyone wants that, including me. But come to think of its consequences. Not all of the time you are sound and healthy that is in able to do blogs whenever and however you want to. We are all subject for misery, and whatever it may be, give time to reflect and act. Don’t just wait for your finale – death.

How about you? Do you practice healthy blogging? Share your thoughts below.

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