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Lightbox Plus vs Lightbox 2 vs jQuery Lightbox

by Jay Pabs on October 5, 2010

As I was testing all these three plugin on my website I first installed Lightbox 2 as it has around 445,382 downloads at the time of this writing. After activating the plugin, I cannot find it to be working on my WordPress 3.0.1. Same thing also happen on jQuery Lightbox. jQuery Lightbox downloaded 105,110 times and it seems it was already tested on the current version of WordPress.

Unlike Lightbox 2 that it appears to be untested on v3.0.1 with the following message during installation:

Warning: This plugin has not been tested with your current version of WordPress.

The last plugin that I installed was Lightbox Plus and it seems to be working fine after installation. For those who do not know what Lightbox is, it is an image overlay tool for WordPress. The best thing on this plugin is that it displays the larger versions on the image that you embed on your post by using the Add Image Button. Lightbox Plus is able to display also simple slide shows. Lightbox Plus uses WordPress’s built in jQuery library making it easy to implement.

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