Google Chrome Bugs – Cannot Display Webpage

by Jay Pabs on October 10, 2010

As of now Google Chrome is my favorite web browser. Even though it annoys me sometimes on some website that cannot be displayed as of version 6.0.472.63. I am a fan of Drupal and WordPress and most often it displays only blank page.

I search Google with this problem and found out that some people who are using this version are experiencing the same bug. The only workaround on this is to rename Chrome.exe like Chrome2.exe or any name that you like. The application can be found under


I don’t know what the difference is. I can’t say that it is cause by a virus since I am updating my virus definition every day. And I am always watching my system for any virus or some kind of a malware.

Another problem will occur, let say for example, if you have Windows Live Mail installed if you are using Windows 7. The link will not be opened if the default browser is Chrome after you rename it. The solution for this is to make other browser a default browser and set Chrome again as the default one.

Chrome is the 3rd most used web browser according to my analytics 2nd to Internet Explorer. The usage ratio is increasing rapidly and will I think surpass other web browser in the following year if not month.

If you have the same problem but with different solutions please don’t forget to leave a message below.

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