Google Chrome Becomes Unresponsive

by Jay Pabs on October 21, 2010

On my previous article “Google Chrome Bugs – Cannot Display Webpage” I discuss a bug on Google Chrome. Luckily I fixed it by simple renaming the application name into different name. That was a quick fix to this problem.

However, two days ago I notice again that Google Chrome is having problem loading a webpage. The only message I see at the status bar is “sending request”. Since I am being addicted to this browser, I almost spend a lot of hours finding a solution on the internet. I even installed the latest beta version which is 7.0.517.41, but with no luck. Until I’ve thought to uninstall the extension (a.k.a. plugin) called “SEO Site Tools”. To my amazement the problem is gone.

Google Chrome Beta Version

I can’t believe it’s the Google extension that is causing the problem. SEO Site Tools is an extension which displays On-Page / External metrics, Social Media info, PR / numbering on Yahoo, Bing, Google SERPs.Extends WMT, YSE and GA with metrics when click at the right toolbar of Chrome.

I even tried switching to Mozilla Firefox but it cannot satisfy my need. I really wanted to use Chrome.

Web browser for me is very important. Because being a blogger you are being tied to this thing. You can’t browse or surf the internet without it. Having the best web browser means being comfortable with it. If you don’t like your current web browser, it’s better to shift to another one than being annoyed with it.

What I like in Google Chrome is how it managed its resources. That’s why it is a blazing fast compare to other browser. Another is its environment. It doesn’t have so many toolbar making it simple and slim.

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