web hosting services

Web hosting is an internet hosting service that will permit you to come up with your own website.

If you want your online business to be successful and your investments and efforts not to be wasted, consider choosing the appropriate web hosting.

In this article, the following important aspects that need to be considered in purchasing a web hosting will be tackled:

  • Your Hosting Needs
  • The Content of the Plan
  • The Web Host Provider
  • Other Important Aspects That Matter
  • Top Five Web Hosting Providers
  • Five Web Host Providers with Shared Hosting Servers


Your Hosting Needs

The initial step in purchasing a web hosting should be assessing your hosting needs. Through it, you will know what kind of web hosting fits your business.

To do things wisely, carefully ponder on the following lines before you move to the next guiding steps in purchasing a web hosting.

  • Think about the type of blog or website that you are going to set up.

To make sure that the web hosting that you will choose matches your site, analyze what kind of site are you going to put up – a technical site? An e-commerce site? A personal blog site?

By knowing the nature of the site that you will put up, you will also get to foresee its other needs.

For example, if you will be putting up an e-commerce site, most likely, you will need a web host that offers e-commerce features support.

  • Will windows application, special software or special versions such as PHP needed?

Check on whether certain special software or applications are needed for your site. By knowing it, you also get to check if the plan being offered to you provides what your site demands.

  • The size of the web traffic volume.

By knowing the size of the web traffic volume, you can choose a web hosting provider that could cater it. Most likely, if you are foreseeing an intensive traffic, companies which are known in big-level hosting can be the best provider to choose.

The things needed by the site that you will put up are like questions and the web hosting that you will purchase must carry the answers.

That is one way to assure that your site and your web hosting are a perfect match.


The Content of the Plan

Make sure that the content of your plan won’t keep your business from flourishing.

Your plan will play as one of the major factors in your business. It will cover the needs and requirements for it to be successful.

What should be considered is not just what is laid by the companies that offer to be the host of your web. You must also recognize the future instances that might happen to your business.

Thus, it is highly recommended that you do a thorough checking on the following:

  1. Storage of the Web Hosting Plan
  • When you compare the offers to one another, do not make price as the basis. Instead, consider the inclusion like the storage.
  • Other plans appear cheap as they contain a very limited storage allotment.
  • Be sure to choose the plan that offers enough storage that can accommodate your business and make it fully functioning.
  1. Upgrade Feature of the Plan
  • Check if the plan can be upgraded.
  • Looking on the positive side, your site’s visitor will keep on growing and your site will need enough bandwidth – the amount of data that can be transferred in a given fixed time.
  • To avoid annoying site visitors due to very slow response on your site, consider upgrading your plan to have enough bandwidth if the condition requires.
  1. Make sure there is Control Panel
  • The Control Panel is your easy access to lots of important pieces of stuff like the application installers, the file managers, the electronic mail addresses, and many more.
  1. Double-Check the Database
  • Usually, web host providers would allot different space amounts for storage and database.
  • Choose the ones that contain good offers to both spaces.

In choosing a web host provider, you should consider the needs of your business now and as well as its future possible needs.

You can come up with the possible future needs of your business by thinking about certain instances that could possibly happen.

Consider the contents of the plan and not just the price alone.


The Web Host Provider

Aside from checking on the content of the plan, it is also essential to consider certain aspects about the web host provider.

Taking a tour on how the company works and their service record could keep you away from choosing a web host provider that you’ll regret choosing in the future.

Consider the following aspects:

1.) Uptime of the Web Host Provider. The uptime should not fall below 99% to make sure that you get the service you want.

A compensation should have been set to await online business man or woman like you in case the provider could not make it to what has been presented as the uptime of the web host.

Note: However, the compensation usually cannot outweigh the losses that downtime might cause your business.

Choose a provider with a good standing.

2.) Choosing a longer contract. Usually, in starting a business, a capital is really needed. However, most especially for newbies in the field of business, the capital money is not that much.

If you want to pay a lesser amount from the starting point, choose a longer contract.

Also, consider the company that does not impose penalties upon missed payments.

A flexible web host provider is always few steps ahead of an inflexible one.

3.) Location of the provider’s server. You can foresee your experience with the web host provider by checking where its server is located.

Through it, you will know if you’ll be having problems with the connections and other technical matters.

4.) Checking the service offered by the Customer Service and Technical Support. Looking for a web host provider that offers a 24/7 Customer Service and Technical Support is not a hard thing to do.

What you should be after to is the service that the Support offers.

Try contacting their Support service and ponder on the following questions:

  • How long did it take for your call to be answered?
  • Were you given an appropriate solution to the problem that you presented?
  • Are the agents in the Support service customer-friendly?

5.) Backups provided by the company. Obviously, nobody wants to lose everything that he has worked hard for in whatever way.

 However, at times, technical problems can go out of the human’s control.

To secure your files and all the important matters, choose a web host provider that offers regular backups and monitoring.

Having a glimpse of how the web host provider works is really a big help in choosing which web host to purchase.

This is a decision that will play a big part of your business.


Other Important Aspects that Matter

Choosing and buying a web hosting requires a lot of factors to be considered. Nevertheless, considering these factors will lead to your business’ success.

Aside from checking on the services offered by the companies and the contents of the plans offered, there are lots of other important aspects that you should consider in purchasing a web hosting.

It is advised to check the following:

  1. An email solution that makes sufficient mailboxes that are also compatible even on mobile phone access available;
  2. Easy application installers that could help you in putting up your site;
  3. The inclusion of a shopping cart on your hosting plan for an easier utilization of such feature;
  4. The Domain Name Privacy which could ensure the safety of the information that you have provided in registering your domains;
  5. The Secure Socket Layer encryption or more commonly known as SSL to assure your clients that the information that they have provided your site are safe;
  6. The inclusion of site-building tools feature to make it easier for your to design your site;
  7. The inclusion of advertising credits and SEO tools which are very helpful especially to newbie sites as it make it easier to be found;
  8. A static IP address that will serve as the permanent abode of the server on the Internet; and
  9. Extra analytic tools that can help in setting up and utilizing your site.

Before purchasing a web hosting, try to check certain tools that are included in the plan.

Secure that the plan includes features that will make it easier for you to set up your site and as well as raise the confidence of your clients.


Who are the Top Five Web Hosting Providers?

There are lots of web hosting providers that might widen your eyes with their offers.

However, undeniably, the ones which already have a name in terms of web hosting stand up amidst the many choices.

In the field of big-level web hosting, there are five excellent web hosting providers:

  1. Bluehost. More than 20,000 clients enjoy the service of Bluehost which is tagged as one of the ‘largest and most trusted’ companies in terms of web hosting.
  1. Rackspace. If you can foresee having a site which has an intensive traffic and you desire for Hybrid solutions, this company is what you’re looking for.
  1. HostGator. This web hosting provider makes a quality support available for its clients. It is an Unlimited Host that can manage overselling very well.
  1. Media Temple. Medi Temple web hosting provider is known for being the company behind great names in the field like the SpeckyBoy.
  1. Web Hosting Buzz. This web hosting provider has made a name for its quality offers. It also offers Shared solutions aside from Dedicated and Reseller hosting.

Now that you have the idea of the giants in terms of web hosting, you can decide on which company do you think could best provide your needs.

It is a matter of weighing what each can offer and the suitability of the offer to the site that you want to put up.


Five Web Host Providers with Shared Hosting Servers

The web hosting providers that were mentioned earlier were giants in terms of big-level hosting.

However, there are other web hosting providers that are unfriendly towards the scheme as they have Shared Hosting servers.

The following are the five web hosting providers with Shared Hosting Servers:

  1. HostNexus. It offers good support for Windows and as well as Linux hostings.
  1. StableHost. It has a very good pricing and offers excellent services.
  1. HostNine. If you are coming from another host, this one offers a good pricing.
  1. MDD Hosting. This web host provider with Shared Hosting Servers offers excellent plans and infrastructures.
  1. Speedy Sparrow. This is known for its jaw-dropping pricing and great support offered.

These web hosting providers are known for their quality support and as well as good pricing.

Keep in mind that choosing a web hosting provider is one of the major decisions that you will make for your business so carefully analyze their offers.


Final Thoughts

In buying a web hosting, every aspect should be considered – from the offers to the providers and even up to the features.

Deciding with prudence in choosing which web hosting to purchase will keep you away from regrets in the future.

You have to make sure that you will be choosing a web hosting provider that will help your business achieve online success.