In this article, you will be guided in buying a domain name which will allow you to control your own niche.

Buying a domain name sounds like a ‘buy it and it’s yours’ transaction scheme, however, if you want your site to count, you must make sure that it is related to your niche.

There are certain factors that one should carefully think about in buying a domain name:

  • Appearance to Humans
  • Legality Factors
  • The Brand
  • The SEO Viewpoint

How it Appears to Humans

The humans are the ones on the end-part of your business.

Your business’ accessibility and the engagement of humans to it will determine its success or its failure. The human’s viewpoint should be one of the prime considerations in buying a domain name.

To secure that you’re not leaving behind that viewpoint, the following should be considered:

  1. Ease in typing. Avoid confusing URL if you want it to be accessible to humans. How to do it? Get away from unusual characters and spellings.

For example, and They sound very similar but each has its own definition.

Using a number is also not advised. Some people might feel confuse on whether you used the numeric form or the word form.

  1. Length. Choosing a domain name that is short and specific could reduce the risk that people would misspell it.
  2. Readability. Make sure that it is pronounceable. Usually, if we are not familiar with the term, what we do is try to pronounce it and then syllabicate it as we type.

You have to make sure that people won’t find it hard to pronounce so they don’t get to spell it wrong and be led to another site.

Choosing a domain name that appears like an instant thought on the minds of the people increases the accessibility of your site.

Furthermore, it decreases the chance that other people won’t reach your site and end up to other sites due to confusions.

Make Sure it won’t Bring You to the Court

Of course, we get into the business to provide answers for other people’s problems and as well as to earn. You are here because you want to know how to make money online – and to live a comfortable life most likely.

No one wants to start an online business and then, later on, have numerous undesired businesses to attend to at the court.

To assure this, you have to consider the copyright and trademark of the domain name that you want to purchase. The checking of trademarked business names should be the first thing to be done.

You are also advised to exert effort on searching and checking other blog and websites.

By doing it, you are most likely preventing the following scenarios to happen:

1.) Somebody will get annoyed by you as your site is the cause why his site lost its high traffic.

2.) You will be sued for infringement.

You are working in front of the screen to give answers to other people’s question and to earn without compromising your other priorities.

Obviously, nobody wants to be engaged in a legal mess. Secure it as early as during the purchase of your domain name to get away from future headaches.

Make Sure Your Domain Name is Brandable

Choosing a domain name that is brandable could also mean reaching more people in a few time.

As mentioned earlier, the accessibility of your business is one of the factors that could lead to its success or failure.

In choosing a domain name, consider the following aspects:

  • Uniqueness
  • Appropriateness of your Domain Extension
  • Protection

1. If you have a unique domain name, most likely, what will happen is that people will easily remember your site.

That is just the lesser effect of having a unique domain name. Another is that you can secure that you won’t be called by the court due to a legal mess.

2. Although there are already lots of choices in terms of the domain name, “.com” undeniably remains to be the instant thought on the minds of the people.

However, nowadays, there are lots of new domain extensions like .info, .biz, .shop, and others. Choose a domain extension that is appropriate to your business.

For example, if your site is an informational blog site, you can have .info.

Some of the other domain extensions are the following:

a. “.co” for community, company, and commerce;

b. “.net” for the internet and technical sites;

c. “.biz” for sites used for business and commercials;

d. “.org” for nonprofit sites; and

e. “.me” for personal and blog sites.

3. How do you protect your brand? This is optional. However, if you really want to assure that your targets will not be misled to other sites, you can do the following:

a. Buy different domain extensions; and

b. Purchase your domain names’ other versions bearing another spelling or misspelled ones.

It is important that you make sure that you’re having a domain name that is brandable. This is another way to increase the accessibility of your business.

Consider the SEO Viewpoint

To assure that your site will rank well in Google and your products will reach the intended target people, you must also make sure that you have a credible site bearing a good SEO.

You must get into the center of making it serious and as well as catchy and fun.

In here, there is no room for imbalance.

Your goal is to have a blog name that is one of the options that appear on top when people try to search for what your blog site is intended to provide.

How to do this?

1. Utilize Keywords. To make your domain name even more familiar to the people, you can consider using keywords.

For an instance, your business is to help people in designing their house. You can consider the keywords interior, design, and house.

You can have it as or

You can also seek the aid of the following tools to generate keywords that are related to your niche and those that were often searched over the net:

  • Keyword Tool
  • Google Keyword Tool
  • Buzzsumo

2. Relate your URL, Blog Name, and Contents.

By having a blog name that is related to the contents of your blog posts, most likely, you will appear in search results when people try to look for answers provided by sites like yours.

You have to be credible and that includes posting blog contents which are consistent and relevant to your blog name and URL.

Having a good rank in Google is a pathway towards making money online. By considering the SEO viewpoint, it is easier for people to reach your site.

Top Registrars Comparison Table

RegistrarFeatures and PerksRatingsBottom LineICANN-AccreditedPrice
DreamHostThis domain registrar allows registration of multiple domains. It has excellent pricing. DreamHost is behind the excellent service of more than a million websites.

You can enjoy the following with DreamHost:

• Lots of domain extension choices
• Free domain privacy
• Flexible autorenewals
• Easy update of server
• Unlimited subdomains

Control the forwarding of your domain fully with DreamHost and enjoy the unlimited subdomains.$13.95 a year
DynadotDynadot offers a domain search that makes it easier to look for domains in some of the domains which are considered on the top level.

It has wonderful features which includes:

• Free domain parking
• Free DNS settings
• Free grace period deletion
• Free builder of website

This is a good choice if you are not fully sure yet as it has a grace period deletion.$10.99 a year
EnomEnom has one of the largest list of choices when it comes to domain name extensions.

If you choose to register in Enom, the following are free for you:

• 14-day trial of Google Cloud’s G Suite
• 14-day trial of website builder

$13.95 a year
GoDaddyDomain registration in GoDaddy can open you to lots of choices when it comes to domain names. It has more than 13 million customers which are satisfied with its service and its support system is 24/7.

Lots of cheap packages can be offered by GoDaddy and you can enjoy the following although you can’t have private registration here:

• A web site which is composed of five pages
• An email account with 1GB capacity

GoDaddy can give you a web site with an email having a large storage capacity.$11.99 a year
GoogleDomainsGoogleDomains is one of the best domain registrars that you can choose.

Its domain features are the following:

• Sub domains are customizable
• Email with G Suite is customized
• Can be easily integrated with top website builders
• No additional fee for private registration

Subdomains in GoogleDomains can be customized and you won’t have to pay another fee if you want private registration.$12.00 a year
Name.comThis saves the day for clients who has been disappointed by the word ‘unavailable’ several times when they tried to register at other sites. has a Domain Grabber, a service which can help you get the domain once it becomes available. is known for the following:

• Great pricing
• Excellent customer support service can help increase your chance of getting the ‘unavailable’ domain name that you want.$12.99 a year
NamecheapAs the name implies, the domain registration in Namecheap is not something that would really hurt your pocket.

The registration has lots of perks:

• free transfers of domain
• free forwarding of email and URL
• an excellent customer service
• a domain parking which can be customized
• value-added packages

This is a good choice if you want an inexpensive domain registration without compromising the features and freebies.$10.69 a year
Register.comMillions of users are happy with They offer registration of web addresses at affordable prices and it has already built 50 products. It also offers lots of choices for website design solutions.

All of the web hosting packages in includes:

• sufficient bandwidth
• sufficient disk space helps you get secured bandwidth and disk space.$5.00 a year
1&1Domain registration at 1&1 offers lots of packages at very good pricing.

The following is included in the registration:

• SSL Certificate
• You can get as many subdomains as you want.
• Whois privacy which will help you if you want to secure your private information
• Excellent customer support service which is available 24/7

1&1 has privacy features and unlimited subdomains.$0.99 a year
Domain.comMany clients have commended for its simple interface. They find it easy to use.

Other features are the following:

• Customer can switch plans
• Has e-commerce tools
• User-friendly CPanel
• Includes URL forwarding, email forwarding, DNS management, and transfer lock tools

This is a domain registrar that can allow you to switch plans later on.$9.99 a year

Final Thoughts

Buying a domain name is not just all about purchasing one. You should consider the above mentioned factors because by doing so, you will be able to get rid of the problems that might affect your business in the future, or worst, could keep it from progressing.