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Forbes Magazine released their elite list of "The Forbes 400: The Richest People in America" released on Monday and was posted on the online edition of Forbes Magazine. Based upon the annual Forbes 400 List of Wealthies Americans, the list showed that the total wealth climbed by 19% from $1.7 trillion last year to $2.03 [...]

Never Give Up

Bloggers around the world needs some motivation, how much more if your just new to the blogging world. Before we start blogging or even if your are already a seasoned blogger, you still needs motivation. There are lots of topics about motivation online, but the secrets motivation is doing the right thing at the right [...]


For the past few years, MoneyTalksOnline and its affiliate site are not transparent on how we earn money online. This time we will share on how we really made thousands of dollars in the internet with less than $500 in capital every month. Income Google Adsense: $1,857.00 Affiliate Marketing: $580.00 eBooks: $210.00 Ambient Digital: P12,146.04 [...]

Hong Kong Internet Connection

The internet connection speed varies in different countries is measured by the average peak connection speed. Different countries have different capacities in communication cables and covering high speed fibers. For the year 2013 we have compiled the Top 10 Countries with the fastest internet connection. The Chinese administrative region of Hong Kong, a former British [...]

Back Links

Backlinks is one of the most effective strategy to spread your blogs across different networks. There are numerous sites that offers free backlinks and becoming a member in one of them will surely add to the number of visitors to your site. Although there are numerous backlinks available but the most important things in creating [...]

Bloggin Burnout

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to make money online but there are times that you can run out of topics or resources to discuss in your blog. Although blogging can be a powerful way to connect with your audience and promote your site, but making articles is actually a hard work. It [...]

Bill Melinda Gates Foundation

Some of the world's poorest countries are beneficiaries of individuals who have riches to share. The population of some poverty-stricken countries received enormous amount of donations from from philanthropists who wanted to share their blessings. We have listed below the world's most generous contributors who continues to support charities by giving a large amounts of cash. [...]

Website Design

There are few things to consider when designing a website, although it is recommended that you will not focus more on design but the content there are helpful insights as web designer to avoid when putting up your own website. It is an added boost to your site if you know on how every web [...]

Fortune 500

The Fortune 500 rankings are based on the total revenue of U.S. companies during the fiscal year ending January 31, 2013. The listings have been released annually since the year 1955. Walmart retook the top spot, Berkshire Hathaway made the top five and Apple grew enormously based upon the 2012 rankings. Fortune 500 List of [...]

Margarita Dreyfus

The world is still dominated by a few individuals and families with the highest number of assets added to their already growing list of acquisitions, companies and fortune. Despite the global financial recession, the past few year saw a new crop of first-time entrants to the Forbes Magazine's list of wealthy people. Here's the Newest [...]